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Engaging mobile workforce

Mobility and collaborative technologies profoundly change the way we work and consume. Leveraging Technology Development Group pioneer expertise, we help our customers not just providing a better service, but an entirely better consumer and workforce experience. Ecosh helps field force of our customers to execute their business transaction faster, more accurate and in a secure way …

Ecosh reduces the time it takes to respond to issues that were previously resolved by dispatching a technician to the employee’s device. This technology minimizes downtime, reduces cost of providing services, maximizes employee productivity and keeps clients happy…


Visit Planning

You can plan a visit between your customers and your field teams.

Order Management

Your field teams can easily create orders even when you’re already visiting.

Customer Management

You can manage your customers easily, strengthen your relationships.

Team Management

You can plan and route the calendar of your field teams.


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A mobile application that will make your life easier!

You can create a task from anywhere with your mobile device. Thanks to Ecosh, your contacts with your field employees are getting stronger.

The field worker can easily create orders immediately after a positive interview with the customer.

With your mobile device, you can team create or edit your teams from anywhere.

You can manage your customers from anywhere and make communication with your field team easier for your customers.

Everything gathered on a single platform!

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Task management

Order management

Customer management

Team management

Product management

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