Measure Your Customer Satisfaction

If you satisfy your customers, you will achieve success, if not, the results can be serious for your company.

The truth is not to be a great company. Rather, it is important to be aware of your weak spots and start to move as soon as possible. And if you do not know there is a problem, you cannot fix it either. So, it is important for you to see how pleased your customers are with you. Most companies see this step boring, toilsome, expensive, or unimportant. However, all you have to do is just ask customers for their feedback. This is not a very troublesome or expensive thing.

Just a customer satisfaction survey will be the key to everything. A properly prepared customer satisfaction survey will be effective in getting on well with your existing customers, preventing your new customers from encountering similar events, and creating an image that likes and cares about customers.

So, what should be taken into consideration when preparing a customer satisfaction survey and what data, which is requested from customers, plays an important role in eliminating your deficiencies. Let’s specify them:


  • First of all, the first thing we will say is that you do not use the existing, on internet published customer satisfaction survey. Which type of survey you choose depends on your individual requirements. Although the existing surveys on internet seem to be suitable for companies in all sectors, each company and sector has its own differences. Naturally, the information to be requested from the customer will vary within the limits and competencies of the company. So, the first step is to think about your goals, discuss them with all responsible employees and then start planning the survey.
  • Be original in your survey and ask questions that will supply your company’s needs with. These questions must of course be goal directed. You should avoid asking questions that will not suit for your company or will not contribute to your developing.
  • The decisive factor, however, is how you formulate the question. You should ask the questions, whose answer is not ‘no’ or ‘yes’, for example; the question “for which aspect of our product would you recommend to others or not?” will be helpful to gather more information, rather than “would you recommend our product to others?” Eliminate weak points in the user/customer experience.
  • “What would be your expectations from us later on?” is a question that should be included in every survey. The answer given can contain great data that you can collect both to see your shortcomings and to create ideas on your roadmap in the coming days.
  • Although there are different types of surveys, the most preferred ones are the questionnaires made immediately after the purchasing, placed on the websites and sent via e-mail. A customer satisfaction survey you place on your website will also contribute to your image through visibility to other users.
  • The frequency of the survey should be made at intervals of a year so as not to bother the customer. Too frequent surveys have negative effect on the participation rate.
  • Do the survey analysis without wasting time and in consultation with an expert. It is helpful to find out the reasons for this dissatisfaction and then take optimization measures.

Customer satisfaction data has enormous potential to improve the customer experience – you just have to use it. The extent to which you can do this naturally depends on the circumstances in your company, but the most important step in any case is the recognition (and understanding) that there will always be customers who are dissatisfied with your product, your service. This is the reality of the business world and there is hardly a company that does not fare that way.

Not only are customer satisfaction surveys used to uncover problems, but they are also used to find out who your biggest advocates are. You can use key figures to segment your customers into categories such as advocates, passives, and critics. Knowing who their most active advocates are, you can make them special offers and ask them to recommend your company to others. After all, enthusiastic customers are and will always be the best advertisement.

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