Ways to improve your customer services team…

Ways to improve your customer services team…

What would you answer if someone asks you who knows a company better than anyone else?

Well, I would answer that as Customer Services Team. Although sometimes you let a chatbot speak for you, the customer services team is much more than a company’s wish-complaint box. They are the first hoop of your organization’s communication chain. 

Even if you have a small business, your customers need to find a contact person who will listen and solve their problems when they have a problem with the product or service they buy from you. The importance of customer service is emerging every day and companies which can provide the best solution with the best attitude strengthening their reputation, building trust with their customers.

If we accepted the customer service team’s importance, we need to concentrate on how to grow this team’s quality. 

Although it is a bit cliché nowthe way of understanding your customers and their journey with your brand is to put yourself into their shoes. The key is to success is considering how they feel when they interact with your brand, what are they thinking of, and what are the issues that may they are encountering. 

If your company is a small business and if you want to build a team that will answer all your customers inquires and requests, these tips may help you to build your dream team:

  • Divide your team into smaller groups: Dividing your team will not only increase your response speed but also help you create teams that will give the most accurate answers to your customers’ questions.
  • Provide a detailed guidebook for your team: If your team does not know your services or products truly, you wouldn’t expect them to give the right answers to the customers.
  • Edit your replies regularly: If your team communicating with customers by using saved replies, they are needed to be check for their tones, grammar, or product or service updates regularly. If you let your team answer without the saved replies, you may need to check those messages twice!
  • Do not leave any questions unanswered: If you encounter an unusual case or bug, make sure your customer that you will return them with a solution. Updating your customer regularly that you are on the case will build trust with them. Even if you don’t find the resolution, return to your customer with an honest reply.
  • Check regularly for other channels where they can reach you: Sometimes customers prefer social media for their inquiries rather than submitting a ticket to your website. Make sure your team checks social media accounts regularly before the situation turns against you!
  • Act as a customer: Submit a ticket to see the team’s response. It will help you to see from your clients’ eyes.
  • Clear and understandable messages: Even if you provide complex services or products, make sure that your messages are on point and understandable from anyone.

Do not forget to check your team’s performance regularly. You may measure their performance by using some of the metrics such as SLA (Service Level Agreements) or CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score). 

At the end of the day, the most important metric will be a “Thank you..” message from your customers when you solve their problems.

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