Artificial Intelligence for Better Customer Experience

Every day we wake up in new and different world. However, the same thing goes for the fact called technology. It is getting harder and harder day by day to keep up with the technology used in almost every field. Therefore, words such as Artificial Intelligence and IOT (Internet of Things), which we have known with technology, also have importance in our daily lives. These concepts, which form a large part of our business, are therefore especially important also for customers relations. If you are one of those who want to achieve success in this digitalization era, this article is for you.

Shortly, what is artificial intelligence?

You may have heard of cars that can go by itself or that can park automatically with the help of sensors, vacuum cleaners that clean without any human help. Or these are small examples to understand artificial intelligence, there are even more than these, but let’s leave it here. It is possible to overcome things through the convenience of technology in almost every field without needing human help. Today, this is true for companies’ relationships with their customers. Some software applications developed for CRM and ERP are also artificial intelligence products independently. Artificial intelligence applications can be used at almost all levels from marketing to customer relationship management in a company. However, unfortunately, it is seen by the research that most companies are not aware of this. And still unfortunately, when this unconsciousness is combined with today’s technology conditions, it can even cause a company to collapse. While Artificial Intelligence was an important competitive factor in the field of large-scale companies, it has now become obligatory even for the competition of medium and small companies.

Why is Artificial Intelligence important in CRM and ERP?

For example, you are a company of the clothing branding, and that a customer who enters your site to buy clothes is unsure about what to buy among all that product diversity is a very negative situation from the point of gaining customer. They cannot decide what to buy among so many varieties and leave the site instantly. It will cause you to lose that customer. But if you were a company that has already been integrated with artificial intelligence, the boot could be on the other foot. Many software applications with artificial intelligence can analyse the words searched by the customer on the internet, even the photos uploaded, and present the options suitable for the customer. It was just an example.

Although companies are sufficient about resources and customers, they may have difficulty while transferring these resources to customers. It is very important for the results to be received that the orders given by the senior management are shared or delivered to the employees equally and correctly, and that these duties assigned to the employees are fulfilled in a healthy way and in this way, they communicate with the customer. If these are not done properly, the consequences can cause huge losses for the company. To carry out such relations in the company in a regular and planned manner, tools that will have no error margin and enable to save time are needed. This issue is much more important for a company to establish its foundations on a software application according to its needs. This proves the importance of artificial intelligence for companies.

Such applications should be indispensable for companies to organize employees with a more organized system, to act with more accurate information without making mistakes, to be one step ahead of the competitors by using technology at the highest level and to make financial profit in many areas.

As we mentioned at the beginning, we wake up to a new world every day and we will continue to do it. In this competitive world where you have to become different day by day, we should figure these written as a necessity rather than a choice.

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